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Hyde Family of Vermont October 2, 2009

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17. JULIA F. HYDE , daughter of William P. J. and Mary C. (Horton ) Hyde, was born 15 February 1842 at Sudbury, Rutland County, Vermont[1] and died 12 October 1893 at Sudbury, Vermont and is buried in Wallace Cemetery.  A report in the Brandon Union, on 24 June 1892 puts her “on the sick list.”  She married 1 May 1862 at Sudbury, JULIUS C. WHEELER, son of Richard and Sabrina (Webster) Wheeler[2].  In her will, dated 2 October 1884, she left her property to her children, excluding her husband.  During probate, guardians other than her husband were named for the children as he was “adjudged to be incompetent for the guardianship[3]“.  He died 27 January 1896 at Sudbury of suicide.

.Young W.P.J. HydeMature W.P.J. Hyde

William P. J. Hyde as a young man (Left) and at Maturity (Right, Below)

34. WILLIAM PITT JACKSON HYDE, son of Thomas Waterman and Clarissa (Carleton) Hyde, was born 4 September 1813 at Sudbury, Vermont and died 27 May 1884 at Sudbury.  He married 17 July 1836, at Hubbardton, Ruland County, Vermont, MARY C. HORTON, youngest daughter of Maj. Gideon and Thyrza (Farrington) Horton, who died 29 September 1894 at age 82.  They settled in Sudbury where he was a farmer, postmaster, justice of the peace, and a member of legislature.  He is listed in the 1840 through 1880 U.S. Censuses at Sudbury, Vermont.  He is also listed in The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County Vermont 1881-2 as living on Rte. 16, being town clerk, justice of peace, town treasurer, and farmer of 160 acres of land.


i. Thyrza C., b 5Apr1838, Sudbury, VT; m 17Apr1854, Sudbury, VT, Harvey D. W. Doty[4].  In 1895, they lived in Hyde Park, VT[5].  She died after 1900 when she is listed in the census living with her son Horton.  Children (surname Doty[6]):

a. William J., b 1855.

b. Dante W., b 1857.

c. Hattie, b 1863.[7]

d. Horton E., b Apr1872.[8]

ii. William F., b 2Aug1840; d 14Jan1841, “age 5 mo 12 da”[9].

iii. Julia F. {#17}, b 15Feb1742.

iv. Jenny C., b Oct1850; d 15Dec1852, “age 2 yr 8 mo”[9].

v. Sarah H., b Jan1857; d 29Jul1861, “age 4 yr 6 mo”[9].


Hyde House at Sudbury

Hyde House at Sudbury

68. THOMAS WATERMAN HYDE, son of Capt. Jedediah and Mary (Waterman) Hyde, was born 5 April 1774 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 22 February 1865 at Sudbury, Vermont.  He married 11 June 1797 at Hoosick, New York, CLARISSA CARLTON, daughter of Kimball and Sarah (Kingsbury) Carlton, born 2 May 1781[10] and died 22 March 1861 at Sudbury, Vermont.  He was a farmer.  They settled at Hoosick and then moved to Sudbury, Vermont.  He is listed in the 1810 through 1850 U.S. Censuses at Sudbury.  In 1860, he and Clarissa are listed as living with their son Jedediah in Sudbury[11].  They are buried at Hill Cemetery in Sudbury.


i. Hiram, b 21Mar1798, Hoosick, NY; d 15Oct1870, Hyde Park, VT[12]; m Feb1825, Mehitable Pettee, dau of George and Mehitable Pettee of Hubbardton, VT, b 24Mar1805, Hinesdale, NH, d 2Sep1865, Hyde Park, VT.  They settled at Hyde Park, VT and had a family.  Children:

a. Lafayette, b 1841; d 1Oct1857, “by accidental discharge of his gun”[13]

b. John O., b 11Aug1844; d 17Nov1849

ii. Freeborn Sweet, b 10Jul1802, Hoosick, NY; m(1) 10Jul1821, Sarah Latimer.  They settled at Hyde Park, VT and had eleven children.  She d and he m(2) Rhoda Stow, dau of Solomon and Hannah (Webster) Stow of Morristown, VT, b 1807.

iii. Waterman, b 15Apr1804, Hoosick, NY; d 8Sep1804

iv. Heman, b 28Mar1808, Sudbury, VT; d 14Jul1811[14]

v. Samantha, b 25Jun1805, Hoosick, NY; d 24Nov 1857[14]; m Sep1825, Artemus Keyes, d 6Oct1840, age 41[15], of Sudbury.  Children (surname Keyes):

a. Susan S., b abt 1829; d 19Nov1846, age 17 yr[15]

b. Sarah A., b abt 1832; d 14Mar1855, age 23 yr[15]

c. William A., b abt 1834; d 9May1854, age 20 yr[15]

d. Thomas W., b abt 1837; d 23Mar1839, age 2 yr[15]

vi. Sarah Adelaide, b 4Mar1810, Sudbury, VT; d 18Nov1862; m 5Oct1831, Rollin V.R. Horton, son of Gideon {#70} and Thyrza (Farrington) Horton of Hortonville, VT, b 6May1810, d 7Feb1883[16].  They settled in Hortonville where he was a justice of the peace for about 14 years.  In 1853 they moved to Princeton, IL and in 1855 to Tipton, IA where they were living in 1857.  In 1860, they are listed in the U.S. Census as living in Sudbury, VT.  Children (surname Horton, b Hortonville, VT):

a. Hyde C., b 8Dec1833; merchant at Tipton, IA 1857; unm

b. Sarah L., b 27Dec1839; unm. 1857

c. Mary Elizabeth, b 3Aug1844

d. Henry D., b Jun1846; d 21Oct1856.

e. Alfred Keith, b 14May1849.

vii. William Pitt Jackson {#34}, b 4Sep1813.

viii. Thomas Waterman, b 19Oct1815, Sudbury, VT; d 28Mar1837 (Sudbury VT VR); unm.

ix. Clarissa A. , b 8May1820, Sudbury VT; d 12Feb1853; m 27Jan1841, Edward Downs, son of Edward and Hannah Downs, b 27Apr1811 Wethersfield, VT.  He was a carpenter and joiner and they settled at Ticonderoga, NY where he was a justice of the peace for seven or eight yrs.  Children (surname Downs, b Ticonderoga, NY):

a. Ellen Maria, b 3Dec1841.

b. Marion Frances, b 14Nov1844.

c. Bertha Adelia, b 5Dec1848.

d. Thomas Edward, b 8Jun1852.

x. Jedediah B., b 17Apr1822, Sudbury, VT; d 16Jan1878; m 18May1862, Bridget Butler, b 2Feb1837, d 2Jun1897.  He was a farmer; res Sudbury, 1861.  He is listed in the 1860 U.S. Census in Sudbury, VT caring for his parents.  Bridget is listed as a servant in their household.  Children:

a. Mary J. ., b 24Jan1865; m 1905, John Simonds10

b. Nancy, b 4Feb1867; d 1948[17]; m May1884, Daniel Rhodes Sawyer[10], b 1861, d 1906[17]

c. Edward, b 28Jun1868, Sudbury, VT4; d 3Feb1899 “killed on Railroad track while on way home from Poultney”[10]

d. Sarah E ., m 5May1897, Sudbury, VT, Horace J. Tupper.[10]

e. Clara, b 14Dec1869; d 1952[18]; m 1887, John Mound13, b 1863, d 1937[18]

xi. Mary J ., b 17Nov1824, Sudbury, VT; m 29Jan1852, Sudbury, VT, J. Earl Doty[19].  He was a farmer and they were living in Sudbury in 1857.


136.  JEDEDIAH HYDE, son of Rev. Jedediah and Jerusha (Perkins) Hyde,

Jedediah and Elizabeth Hyde Graves

Jedediah and Elizabeth Hyde Graves

was born 24 August 1738 at Norwich, New London County, Connecticut and died 29 May 1822 at Hyde Park, Lamoille County, Vermont[20].  He married, first, 28 January 1761, his second cousin, MARY WATERMAN, daughter of Asa and Lucy (Hyde) Waterman[21].  She was born 19 April 1739 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 2 September 1780 while he was absent in the army.  After her death, he married the widow ELIZABETH BROWN Parker, widow of David Parker and daughter of Humphrey and Mary (Fanning) Brown of Stonington, New London County, Connecticut.  She died 28 November 1825 at Hyde Park, Vermont.  The tradition in the family, in relation to this marriage, is that soon after the marriage of David Parker and Elizabeth Brown, David enlisted in the company of Capt. Hyde and that Elizabeth applied to the captain to release her husband.  He declined to do so; but told her, jocosely that if her husband should be killed, and his own wife die before his return from the war, he would himself become her husband.  That her husband was killed in battle; and that first wife of Capt. Hyde having died, he kept his promise, by marrying the widow of Parker.

Jedediah and his first wife Mary settled at Norwich.  He was an officer is the army of the Revolution.  At the battle of Bunker Hill he was first Lieut. of Capt. Coit’s company and was slightly wounded there.  He afterwards commanded a company in the regular army.  After his marriage to Elizabeth Brown Parker, they moved in about 1782 to Pawlet, Vermont, then to Poultney, Vermont and finally, they moved to the new township of Hyde Park, Vermont, named for him, and of which he was one of the original proprietors.  His daughter Elizabeth Mills, although at that time only four years old, remembered the move to Hyde Park.  Capt. Hyde came on in winter, with a number of small children, on an ox sled.  They had their own road to make for many miles of the journey.  On arriving at Hyde Park, they stopped first at John McDaniel’s house.  Capt. Hyde immediately proceeded to provide a temporary shelter for his family, and the next season had a comfortable log-house erected.  The old Hyde farm was next west of Hyde Park village[22].  He is listed there in the 1790 U.S. Census.


(by Mary Waterman)

i. Jedediah, b 5Nov1761, Norwich, CT; d 24Nov1824, Burlington, VT;

Hyde Cabin on Grand Isle

Hyde Cabin on Grand Isle

m 10Nov1783, Pawlet, VT[23], Elizabeth Friot, dau of Abraham Froit, b 29Dec1765, Albany, NY, d 27Mar1842.  In the summer of 1783, he and his father came to Grand Isle, VT as surveyors.  He built a cabin on that site, which still exists as a Vermont Historic Site.  He was a member of the Vermont Legislature.  Children:

a. Alexander Frazier, b 29Jan1784, Pawlet, VT; m 4Sep1806, Charlotte Dean, dau of Ezra and Mary Ann (Savage) Dean, b 15Mar1790, Green River, NY

b. Archibald Waterman, b 21Feb1786, Pawlet VT; d 10Feb1847, Burlington, VT; unm; grad, UVM

c. Jedediah, b 15Jun1788, Pawlet, VT23; d 26Apr1845, Grand Isle, VT; m 13Jul1811, Sarah Gilman, dau of Jonathan and Susanna (Dudley) Gilman, b 7Jan1796, Vershire, VT

d. Abraham Henry, b 11Feb1790, South Hero, VT

e. Elizabeth, b 23Jan1792, South Hero, VT

f. Mary, b 24Oct1793, South Hero, VT; m 27Sep1815, Daniel Jackson, son of Daniel and Mary (Given) Jackson, d 2Sep1848

g. John, b 4Nov1795, South Hero, VT; m 3Dec1829, Clarissa Hyde, dau of Jonathan and Hannah (Bronson) Hyde, b 29Dec1803, Grand Isle, VT

h. Maria, b 1Feb1798, South Hero, VT; d 16Jan1858; m 17Jan1818, Dr. Melvin Barnes, son of Dr. Melvin and Charlotte (Allen) Barnes

i. Catherine, b 31Mar1800, Middle Hero, VT; m 30Jun1822, Benjamin Franklin Bailey, b 1796, Peacham, VT, d 1832; res 1856, Detroit, MI

j. Julia, b 27Jan1803, Middle Hero, VT; m 8Jan1829, Charles Russell.

ii. Jerusha, b 24Oct1763, Norwich, CT; d Aug1850, Crown Point, NY; m James Barnet, son of Moses and Sarah Barnet, b 19Nov1748, d abt 1825.  Children (surname Barnet, b Hoosick, NY):

a. Asa Waterman, b 27Mar1787; m(1) 25Oct1815, Tamson Nichols; m(2) 10May1818, Jane Baldwin

b. James

c. Moses

d. Jedediah, d abt 1853

e. Mary, m Justus Rice

f. Jerusha

g. Sarah, m Col. Chilon A. Tremble

iii. William, b 11Sep1765, Norwich, CT; d 2Aug1828, Colchester, VT; m Sarah Stark, dau of John Stark, b 10Jun1763, Saratoga, NY, d 5Oct1846, Westford, VT.  He was soldier in the Revolution.  Children:

a. William, b 4Aug1788, South Hero, VT; d 8Aug1846, Colchester, VT; m(1) Feb1811, Rebecca Johnson, d 14Aug1818; m(2) 1819, Hannah Carpenter, dau of Joseph Carpenter

b. Mary, b 15Sep1790, South Hero, VT; d 19May1824, Colchester, VT; m 1812, Capt. John Johnson.

c. John, b 22Aug1792, South Hero, VT; m(1) 24Nov1818, Mary Carpenter, dau of Joseph and Hannah Carpenter, d 11Mar1855, Swanton, VT; m(2) 24Apr1856, Wdo Asenath Pratt

d. Fanny, b 3Jul1794, South Hero, VT; d 11Sep1824, Colchester, VT; unm

e. Lucy, b 12Oct1796, South Hero, VT; d 24May1827; m Capt. John Johnson, her brother-in-law

f. Nancy, b 22Dec1799, South Hero, VT; m 23Jun1825, George Wolcott, son of George and Desire Wolcott, b 17Jul1795

g. Horace, b 12Jul1801, Colchester, VT; m Affa Roberts

h. Elizabeth, b 9Jul1805, Colchester, VT; d 13Oct1844; m Rev. Amos Hazleton, son of David and Hannah (Moore) Hazelton

iv. Arunah W., b 21Sep1768, Norwich, CT; d 8Jul1816, Rutland, VT; m 6Oct1790, Sarah Kilbourn, dau of James and Mary (Crampton) Kilbourn, b abt 1772, Litchfield, CT, d 18May1849, Housatonic, MA.  Children:

a. Arunah, b 26Apr1791, Castleton, VT; d 27Apr1791.

b. Mary Baldwin, b 24Apr1792, Castleton, VT; d 8Apr1849, Housatonic, MA; m 12Apr1812, David D. Whitmore, b 18Jan1786, Killingly, CT, d 13Jun1849, Housatonic, MA.

c. Alphonso Marsh, b 27Jan1794, Castleton, VT; m 12Mar1829, Mary S. Wright , dau of William and Mary (Crosby) Wright, b Oct1807, East Haddam, CT.

d. James Crampton, b 29Dec1795, Castleton, VT; m 1Sep1818, Charlotte Seymour, dau of Jared and Abigail Seymour; res 1856, Housatonic, MA.

e. George Washington, b 30Dec1797, Castleton, VT; d May1826, Housatonic, MA; unm.

f. Sarah Adaline, b 9Jun1800, Castleton, VT; d Jan1809.

v. Mary, b 3Jul1770, Norwich, CT; d 25Sep1835, Castleton, VT; m Enos Westover.  Children (surname Westover):

a. Eunice, b Nov1790, Lansinburgh, NY; m 1810 Phineas Hitchcock of Hebron, NY.

b. Sarah, b 19Sep1792, Hoosick, NY; m 20Feb1814, Daniel R. Smith, son of Daniel and Mary (Bratten) Smith, b 29Apr1792; res 1857, Royalton, NY.

c. Diodorus, b 10May1794, Hoosick, NY; m 17Feb1832, Elizabeth E. Partelow , dau of Seymour and Susan Partelow, b 1804, Sing Sing, NY; res Aurelius, NY 1856

d. Hyde, b 6Feb1796, Hoosick, NY; d 1886[24]; m 15Apr1818, Locky Tomlinson, dau of Caleb Tomlinson, b 1798, Oxford, CT, d 187224; res 1856, Castleton, VT

e. Samuel, b 6Mar1798, Hoosick, NY; res 1856, Austinburg, OH

f. Mary, b 9Nov1801, Troy, NY; d 11Aug1838, Battle Creek, MI; m 20Mar1820, Moses Hall, son of Moses and Experience (Tolman) Hall, b 16Sep1797, Sudbury, VT

vi. Deborah, b 21Mar1772, Norwich, CT; d 31Mar1849, Hoosick, NY; m Feb1790, Simeon Sweet, son of Jeremiah and Mary (Ellis) Sweet, b 17Nov1768, East Greewich, RI, d 17Jul1845.  Children (surname Sweet, all b Hoosick, NY):

a. Sarah, b 17Nov1790; m 7Apr1822, John Pearcy, son of John Pearcy, b 27Sep1793

b. Jerusha , b 8Sep1792; m 28Oct1812, John Barnet, son of Nathaniel and Esther (Smith) Barnet

c. Jeremiah, b 15Jul1794; m 30Mar1815, Mary Pearcy, dau of John Pearcy

d. Margaret, b 27Jul1797; d 3Jun1836, Hoosick Falls, NY; m Matthew Hodges

e. Arunah Hyde, b 1May1800; m 4Nov1824, Saphrona Sherwood, dau of Lemuel Sherwood

f. Apphia Walworth, b 6Aug1803; m 24Dec1829, Delavan G. Perry, son of William Perry, b 18Dec1794, Cambridge, NY; res 1857, White Creek, NY

g. Mary, b 17Jul1806; d 24Dec1807

h. Simeon E., b 4Aug1808; m 21Jan1830, Maria Sherwood, dau of Aaron Sherwood, b 29Jul1808

i. Thomas Waterman, b 9May1811; m Mary Ryan, dau of John B. Ryan, b 4Nov1817

vii. Thomas W. {#68}, b 5Apr1774, Norwich, CT

viii. Pitt William, b 29Dec1776, Norwich, CT; d 29May1823, Sudbury, VT[25]; m(1) 19Oct1796, Mary Kilborn, dau of James and Mary (Crampton) Kilborn, b 15Nov1778, d 3Mar1813; m(2) 19Nov1813, wdo Rebecca Sherman Gaige, b 4Mar1786, d 21Jul1857, Sudbury, VT, age 71[26].  He is listed in the 1800 U.S. Census at Hyde Park, VT and the 1810 U.S. Census in Sudbury, VT.  Children:

a. Sarah B., b 10Sep1797, Hyde Park, VT; d 3Mar1854, Middleport,

Hyde Hotel

Hyde Hotel

NY; m 1816, David B. Smith, son of Daniel and Mary (Bratton) Smith of Sudbury.

b. Arunah W., b 14Jul1799, Hyde Park, VT; m(1) 15Feb1835, Sarah P. Andrews ; m(2) 4Jun1844, Elizabeth Russell.

c. James Kilbourne, b 19Nov1801, Morristown, VT; d 21Sep1870[27]; m(1) 15Feb1824, Lavinia Gaige, d 8Dec1862, age 59 yr27; m(2) Caroline ___, d 2Aug187727.

Oliver M. Hyde

Oliver M. Hyde

d. Oliver Moulton, b 10Mar1804, Sudbury, VT; m Aug1827, Julia Anne Sprague, dau of Daniel Sprague of West Poultney, VT.  They had seven children.  Abt 1840 he went to Detroit, MI where he was mayor of the city, 1854-1857.

e. Nancy M., b 12Jan1807, Sudbury, VT; d July 1859; m 29Jan1824, Edward Jackson, son of Edward and Judith (Bacon) Jackson of Newton, MA, b 2Apr1797.

f. William Pitt, b 29Jul1809, Sudbury, VT; d 31Aug1811.

g. Mary Anne, b 23Nov1811, Sudbury, VT; d 3Jan1812.

h. Mary, b 13Mar1815; d 24Mar1815.

i. Pitt William,  b 3Mar1817, Sudbury, VT; d 1881[28]; m Oct1851, Maria Kilbourne, b 1827, d 191528.

(by Elizabeth Brown)

ix. Reuben C., b 27Dec1781, Norwich, CT; d bef 1857; m Jane Hay, dau of Udney Hay, b 23Jan1778, Albany, NY.  Children:

a. Charles J., b 28Sep1801; res Fort Madison, IA, 1857.

b. Eliza, b 1804; m Andrew C. Bigelow; res 1857, Williams, OH.

c. Caroline Smith, b 15May1806; m 8Jan1827, John C. Douglas, son of Ebenezer and Hannah (Pendleton) Douglas, of Chazy NY, b 10Nov1804, Orwell, VT

d. Udney Hay, b 1808; res 1855, Chambersburgh, PA.

e. Sarah, b 1810; m 1832, Joel Holcomb

f. Reuben, b 1812; res 1855, Chambersburgh, PA.

g. Thomas P., b 1814; res 1856, Detroit, MI

x. Martha Post, b 6Jul1783, Pawlet, VT; d 8Sep1852, Hyde Park, VT[29]; m(1) 1801, William Westgate, b 4Jul1776, Plainfield, NH, d 1805, Vincennes, IN; m(2) 1808, Eleazer Calkins, d 1809; m(3) 7Mar1811, Francis Smalley, b 25Nov1785, Norwich, VT, d 8Jun1858, Hyde Park, VT (g.s., ibid.).  Children (surname Westgate):

a. Apphia Walworth, b 24Aug1802, Hyde Park, VT; m ___ Davie; res 1862, Montreal, CAN

b. Martha Adelia, b 1804; d young

c. Maryetta Meigs, b 4Aug1805, Hyde Park, VT; m 31Aug1836, Lorenzo S. Westgate, b 2Apr1800, d 28Feb1844, Quincy, IL, son of George and Rhoda (Burden) Westgate

Child (surname Calkins):

d. Eliza Anne Rosamond, b 2Jun1809, Marietta, OH; m 21Mar1827, Abner Kneeland White, b 17Dec1804, Rockingham, VT, son of Abel and Hannah (Clauson) White

Children (surname Smalley):

e. Rachel, b 7May1812, Norwich, VT; d 13Dec1812

f. Jedediah Hyde, b 22May1814, Norwich, VT; m 1849, Frances M. Stanley , d Jul1852

g. Diadama, b 1Aug1816, Hyde Park, VT; m 5Jan1836, Lucius H. Noyes, son of Breed and Sarah (Keeler) Noyes

h. Abel Parker, b 4Feb1819, Hyde Park, VT; m Frances Hopkins, dau of Jara Hopkins

i. Martha Malvina, b 11Oct1821, Hyde Park, VT; m 1Jan1840, Russel S. Page, son of James and Hannah Page

j. Joshua, b 6Mar1824, Hyde Park, VT; d 3Apr1825

xi. Elizabeth , b 23Feb1785, Poultney, VT; m(1) 23Oct1808, Sudbury, VT, John Van Buskirk [30], son of Martin and Mary (Van Ness) Van Buskirk, b Cambridge, NY, d 22Oct1821, Plattsburgh, NY; m(2) Nov1824, Daniel Mills, d 25Jan1854

xii. Russel Brown b 29Mar1787, Poultney, VT; d 22Aug1852, Hyde Park, VT[31]; m 27 May1827, Caroline Noyes, dau of Breed and Sarah (Keeler) Noyes, b Aug1808, Hyde Park, VT, d 1Jul1889, Hyde Park, VT[31].  Children:

a. Emily, b 12Dec1829; d 24May1835[31]

b. Breed Noyes, b 14May1831; m Adie Whitcomb

c. Nathaniel, b 16Feb1833; d 10May1854; unm

d. Mary, b 3Jul1835; d 29Mar1861; m William W. Whitcome

e. Charles, b 24Dec1836; d 8Dec1874[31]

f. Sarah Ann, b 1839; d 7Sep1842[31]

g. Diana, b 11Aug1840; d 14Jun1868; m John Meigs[31]

h. Leo, b 1842; d 1870, age 28 yrs. 5 mo[31]

xiii. Diadama, b 11Jun1789, Hyde Park, VT, first female child born there; d 15Sep1854, Mobile, AL; m Samuel Jones of Long Island.  He was a cabinet maker.  They lived several years at Platte, NY and moved to Mobile, AL

xiv. Jabez Perkins, b 12Jun1791, Hyde Park, VT, first male child born there; d 28Oct1865, Poultney, VT[32]; m Sep1814, Martha Edgerton, dau of Jedediah Edgerton, b 18Mar1790, Pawlet, VT, d 20Dec1850.  They settled at Ferrisburgh, VT, Plattsburgh, NY, and finally Port Henry, NY.  Children:

a. George Jedediah, b 22Jun1815, Ferrisburgh, VT; m 8Nov1842, Julia Anne Rowe, b 23Apr1822, Bath, NY, dau of William Rowe; res 1857, Pleasant Valley, IA

b. Andrew Jackson, b Jan1817, Ferrisburgh, VT; m Feb1842, Emma Rowe, b 29Nov1820, Steuben Co., NY, dau of Christopher Rowe; res 1856, Pleasant Valley, IA

c. Benjamin Franklin, b 24Sep1819, Ferrisburgh, VT; m 7Nov1854, Frances Allen, b 21Feb1834, Monroe, MI, dau of Seneca and Frances L. (Brigham ) Allen; res 1863, Detroit, MI where he was a member of the MI legislature

d. Lucy Anne, b 30Jan1820, Middlebury, VT; m 30Sep1841, Lyman E. Drake, b 2Dec1808, Crown Point, NY; res 1858, Galesburg, IL

e. Martha Edgerton, b 24Oct1821, Plattsburgh, NY; m 8Sep1840, George W.G. Ferris, b 13May1818, Norway, NY, son of Sylvanus and Sarah Ferris; res 1857, Galesburg, IL

f. Diadama Jones , b 25Dec1825, Plattsburgh, NY; d 21Mar1855, Galesburg, IL; m(1) 18Jun1847, Achilles Shannon, b 19Apr1819, Henry Co., IL and d 2Oct1847, Knoxville, IL; m(2) 7Oct1850, Horace B. Weeks, b 14Mar1822

g. Mary, b 1827, Plattsburgh, NY; d 28Jun1834

h. Lydia E. ., b 15Aug1831, Port Henry, NY; m 21Sep1851, Albert Cline, b 12Aug1821, Phelps, IL; res 1858, Mount Hawley, IL

i. Elizabeth Clementia, b 20May1833, Port Henry, NY; m 12May1852, Edward Ray, b 19Apr1819, Manchester, NH, son of Edward Ray; res 1857, New Lancaster, IL

xv. Hiram, b 25Sep1796, Hyde Park, VT; m(1) 1814, Rachel Wellman, d 12Aug1827, Hyde Park, VT; m(2) 1828, Zylpha Curtis, b 11Apr1809, Plattsburgh, NY.  They res Plattsburgh, Victor, Gates, Avon, and Lima, NY.  Children:

a. Russell Brown, b Hyde Park, VT; d 1852, Mobile, AL

b. Jerusha Perkins, b 1820, Hyde Park, VT; d 12Sep1824

c. Corasanda, b 10Jun1825, Hyde Park, VT; d 26Sep1855, Lima, NY; m C.B. Johnson

d. William B.F., b 10Aug1827, Hyde Park, VT; res 1856, Poughkeepsie, NY

e. Cynthia Anne, b 15Oct1828, Plattsburgh, NY; d 4Mar1851, Lima, NY; m Sep1845, Gardner Odel.

f. Martin B., b 21Jun1830, Plattsburgh, NY; d 25Jun1830.

g.  Diadama Mellissa, b 1Sep1832, Plattsburgh, NY; m James Kent.

h. Hiram Allen, b 20Feb1836, Victor, NY.

i. Catherine Matilda, b 7Sep1838, Gates, NY.

j. Sarah Elizabeth, b 2Jul1841, Avon, NY.

k. Charles Edwin, b 11Jul1844, Avon, NY.

l. Frances Louisa, b 7Jun1847, Lima, NY.

m. Mary Isabella, b 26May1850, Lima, NY.


272. JEDEDIAH HYDE[33], son of William and Anne (Bushnell) Hyde, was born 2 June 1712 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 26 September 1761 at Norwich.  He married, first, 17 July 1733, JERUSHA PERKINS, daughter of Deacon Joseph and Martha (Morgan) Perkins.  She was born 1 September 1711 at Norwich and died 1 February 1741 at Norwich.  He married, second, on 17 May 1742, JERUSHA TRACY , daughter of Capt. Joseph and Mary (Abel) Tracy, who was born 23 May 1723 at Norwich and died 20 August 1764.  After Jedediah’s death she married Daniel Peck.

The Rev. Jedediah Hyde was a clergyman, ordained 20 October 1746.  He belonged to that part of the Congregational Church then called ‘Separatists’ and gathered a church at Bean Hill in Norwich.


(by Jerusha Perkins)

i. Martha, b 19Aug1734, Norwich, CT; m Jabez Post, son of Nathaniel and Ruth (Lathrop) Post

ii. Jerusha, b 7Jun1736, Norwich, CT; d 23Aug1771, Colchester, CT; m 12Apr1757, Silas Stark, son of Abial and Mary (Walworth) Stark, b May1735, Lebanon, CT; d 3Jul1799, Lebanon, CT.  Children (surname Stark; b Colchester, CT):

a. Simeon, b 18Dec1758; d 17Jun1769

b. Jerusha, b 20May1760; m Jonathan Gardner

c. Silas, b 22Feb1762; m Ann Harris

d. Jedediah H., b 28Feb1764; m Abigail Camp

e. Abel, b 21May1766; m Lydia Fletcher

f. William, b 20Apr1770; m Olive Barber

iii. Jedediah {#136}, b 24Aug1738.

iv. Diadama, b 10Dec1740, Norwich, CT; d 18Sep1777; m 27Dec1761, Benjamin Butler, son of Thomas and Abigail (Craft) Butler, b 21Apr1739, Windham, CT, m(2) Ruth Huntington.  Children (surname Butler):

a. Jerusha, b 8Sep1762; m Gideon Denison

b. Benjamin, b 30Jan1764; m Hannah Avery

c. Rosamond, b 26Dec1766; d 5May1783

d. Thomas, b 30Mar1769; m Sarah Denison

e. Minerva, b 10Apr1771; d 25Apr1784

(by Jerusha Tracy)

v. Reuben, b 18Jun1747, Norwich, CT.  He went to sea at about the age of 19 and was never afterwards heard of by his relatives.

vi. Apphia , b 29Sep1757, Norwich, CT; d 8Feb1837, Fredonia, NY; m(1) 9Feb1780, Samuel Cardell, son of William and Elizabeth (Burch) Cardell, b 27Aug1748, d 13Jan1781, lost at sea; m(2) 29May1782, Benjamin Walworth, son of John and Sarah (Dunn) Walworth, b 11Nov1746, Groton CT, d 26Feb1812, Hoosick, NY. Child (surname Cardell):

a. William Samuel, b 27Nov1780, Bozrah, CT; m Clementia Rogers.

Children (surname Walworth):

b. Rosamond , b 27Feb1783; m(1) Oliver Barbour; m(2) Benjamin Randall

c. John, b 21Nov1784; m(1) Sarah Simonds; m(2) Catherine Bailey

d. James, b 5Mar1787; m(1) Helen Sill; m(2) Maria Haynes

e. Reuben, b 26Oct1788; m(1) Maria Averill; m(2) Sarah Hardin

f. Sarah, b 22Sep1790; m Field Dalee

g. Benjamin, b 12Oct1792; m Charlotte Eddy

h. Apphia, b 31Oct1794; m David J. Mattison

i. Jedediah, b 18Jan1797; d 19Feb1826, Hoosick. NY; unm

j. Hiram, b 23Apr1799; m Delia Griffin

k. Eliza Ann, b 17Mar1801; m Charles T. Platt

vii. Elizabeth, b 21Nov1760, Norwich, CT; d 24Apr1843, Lebanon, NH; m 2Feb1782, John Harris, son of Benjamin and Anne (Waterman) Harris, b 1759, d 29Mar1839.  Children (surname Harris):

a. Rosamond, b 2Dec1782; m Levi Sargent

b. Jedediah, b 2Dec1784; m Judith Young

c. John, b 24Jan1787; d same day

d. John, b 21Apr1788; d 14Oct1820, Rutland, VT; m Susan Duncan

e. Elizabeth, b 23Nov1791, Plainfield, CT; d 3Aug1836; unm

f. Benjamin, b 31Mar1794; d 5Feb1813

g. Tracy, b 4Nov1796; d 18May1813

h. Hyde, b 6Oct1798; d 26Oct1798

i. Hiram, b 6Oct1798; d 26Oct1798

j. Alfred (twin), b 29Nov1799; d 17Dec1799

k. Apphia (twin), b 29Nov1799; d 1800

l. Thomas Jefferson, b 30Aug1801; m Emeline Smith


275. LUCY HYDE[34], daughter of John and Experience (Abel) Hyde, was born 16 April 1713 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 16 November 1790 there.  She married 26 November 1733 at Norwich, ASA WATERMAN, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Allyn) Waterman who was born 15 November 1706 at Norwich and died 14 November 1783 there.

544. WILLIAM HYDE[35], son of Samuel and Jane (Lee) Hyde, was born January 1670 in Norwich, Connecticut and died 8 August 1759.  He married, second, on 2 January 1695, ANNE BUSHNELL, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Adgate) Bushnell.  She was born 4 December 1674 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 8 July 1745.

William Hyde settled at Norwich, on the home lot of his grandfather William Hyde the first.  He was for many years one of the magistrates of Norwich, was a member of the colonial legislature, and was a man of very considerable wealth and influence.


i. William, b 14Nov1695; d Oct1696.

ii. Anne , b 5Sep1697, Norwich, CT; d 5Apr1766; m(1) 18Jan1716, John Waterman, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Allen) Waterman, b 16Apr1694; m(2) Abial Marshall, d 1Jun1758.  Children (surname Waterman):

a. John, b 11Oct1720; m Abigail Culverhouse

b. Anne, b 12Apr1722; d young

c. William, b 13Jul1724; m Rebecca Gladwin

d. Anne, b 21Jun1727; m Benjamin Harris

e. Freelove, b 4Dec1729; m Jonathan Chester

f. Jedediah, b 4May1732; m 4Jun1758, Sarah Cook

g. Darius, b 17Mar1735; m Mary Baker

h. Phebe, m Daniel Adgate

iii. Elizabeth, b 21Jan1700, Norwich, CT; d 24Nov1753; m 20Oct1720, Theophilus Rogers, son of Ezekiel and Lois (Ivory) Rogers, b 4Oct1699, Lynn, MA, d 29Sep1753.  Children (surname Rogers):

a. Lois, b 22Jul1721; m Zebulon Lathrop

b. Ezekiel, b 2Oct1723; d 11Nov1745; unm

c. Anne, b 26Aug1726; m Phineas Hyde

d. Elizabeth, b 17Apr1729; m Ezra Selden

e. Theophilus, b 4Aug1731; m Penelope Jarvis

f. Uriah, b 3Jul1734; m Lydia Hyde

g. Zabdiel, b 20May1737; m(1) Elizabeth Tracy; m(2) Elizabeth Snow

h. Lucretia, b 4May1740; m Joseph Jewett

i. John, b 27Nov1744; d 1Feb1745

iv. William, b 1May1702, Norwich, CT; d 7Jun1738, there; m 24Apr1722, Anne Basset, b abt 1701, d 12Feb1763; grad Yale, 1721.  Children:

a. Flavius, b 22May1723; d 2Jun1723.

b. Elizabeth, b 23Aug1724; m Perez Tracy.

c. Anne, b 8Oct1727; m Abel Calkins.

d. Mary, b 22Sep1729; d 15Dec1766; m 26Mar1754, Thomas Langrell.

e. William, b 22Sep1731; m(1) Abigail Langrel; m(2) Alice Otis.

f. Priscilla, b 10Jun1734; m Jonathan Buddington.

g. Hannah, b 19May1738; m Timothy Bigelow.

v. Hannah, b Aug1704, Norwich, CT; d 28May1766; m 26Mar1727, Matthew Adgate, son of Thomas and Ruth (Brewster) Adgate, b 21Jul1706, d 3Jul1787, m(2) Wdo Abigail (Culverhouse) Waterman.  Children (surname Adgate):

a. Benjamin, b 17Dec1727; d 26Jun1750; unm.

b. Lucy, b 6Mar1731; m Joseph Lord.

c. Andrew, b 24Jan1733; d 25Jul1751; unm.

d. Daniel, b 7Mar1735; m Phebe Waterman.

e. Matthew, b 13May1737; m(1) Lucy Waterman; m(2) Eunice Baldwin; m(3) Jane Williams.

f. Elijah, b 30Jul1739; m Abiah Perkins.

g. Jabez, b 1Nov1741; d 20Apr1764; unm.

h. William, b 23Apr1744; m Eunice Waterman.

vi. Richard, b 10Feb1707, Norwich, CT; d 22Dec1785; m 12Nov1730, Anne Tracey, dau of John and Elizabeth (Leffingwell) Tracey, b 29Nov1708, d 20Apr1762.  Children (b Norwich, CT):

a. Theodore, b 13Mar1732; d 29Dec1787; m 25May1777, Sarah Hyde

b. Elihu, b 3Aug1734; m Sarah Griswold

c. Lucretia, b 30Jan1737; d 9Dec1739

d. Lucy, b 29Jun1739; m Jabez Post

e. Lucretia, b 12Mar1742; d 18Dec1786; unm

f. Peleg, b 28Jan1745; m Susannah Jarvis

g. Zebediah, b 22Nov1749; d unm

vii. Ezra, b 6Nov1709, Norwich, CT; d 18Jul1741; m 30Mar1730, Elizabeth Leffingwell, dau of John and Sarah (Abel) Leffingwell.  Children (b Norwich, CT):

a. Eunice, b 13Nov1731; m Joseph Warren

b. Sarah, b 12Sep1733; d 21Dec1736

c. John, b 14Jul1736; m Elizabeth Baldwin

d. Ezra, b abt 1738

e. Uriah, b 17Sep1741; m Mehitable Marvin

f. Sarah , m(1) Able Buel; m(2) Samuel Nye

viii. Jedediah {#272}, b 2Jun1712.

ix. Elisha, b 12Sep1714, Norwich, CT; d 4Jun1759, Norwich, CT; m 2Sep1741, Lydia Tracy, dau of Joseph and Mary (Abel) Tracy.  Children (b Norwich, CT):

a. Lydia, b 28Oct1742; d 3Apr1780; unm

b. Anne, b 15Dec1746; d young

c. Anne, b 17Jul1749; m Bella Turner

d. Amy, b 17Jul1749; m Charles Hill

e. Elisha, b 10Oct1751; m Nancy Hallam

f. Joseph, b 15Aug1754; d 16Feb1756

g. Hannah, b 11Sep1756; m Wm. Mansfield

h. Mary, b 18Jun1759; d 14Jul1777; unm

x. Benjamin, b 28Apr1717, Norwich, CT; m(1) 1May1740, Abigail Lee, dau of Stephen and Abigail (Lord) Lee, b 10Aug1722, Lyme, CT; m(2) abt 1753, Wdo Abigail Chadwick, dau of Lewis DeWolf; m(3) Wdo Elizabeth (Minor) Lord, dau of William Miner, d 1803.  Abigail Lee was b 10Aug1722, Lyme, CT.  Children:

a. Amelia, b 11Dec1740; d 6Jan1742

b. Amelia, b 11Oct1742; d unm

c. Alexander, b 6Aug1774; m Mary Burnham

d. William, bp 2Sep1750; m Elizabeth Sterling

e. Joseph

f. Lee

g. Elizabeth, m Nathan Avery

h. Phebe

i. Pamelia

j. Abigail, b Jul1769; m Samuel Carrier

k. Benjamin, b 1779; m Lois Ellis

l. Parthenia, m Samuel Guppy

m. Anne , m(1) John Simonds; m(2) John Munson

550. JOHN HYDE[36], son of Samuel and Jane (Lee) Hyde, was born in December 1667 at Norwich, Connecticut and died 26 July 1727 at Norwich.  He married on 3 March 1698 EXPERIENCE ABEL, daughter of Caleb and Margaret (Post) Abel.  She was born in December 1674 at Norwich and died 24 October 1763.  He was a farmer in Norwich and, in 1719, purchased the farm of Nathaniel Backus, at Wawecus Hill.


i. John, b 5Dec1698; d 22Oct1762, Norwich, CT; m(1) 21Sep1721, Sarah Haskins, dau of John Haskins of Taunton, MA, d 6Sep1753; m(2) 7Dec1755, Elizabeth Backus, d 22Oct1762.  Children:

a. Anne, b 19Feb1722; m James Fox

b. Experience, b 30Jul1724; m Benjamin Waterman

c. Silas, b 1Mar1727; m Martha Waterman

d. John, b 13Nov1729; d 14Dec1759; m 12Sep1758, Elizabeth Baldwin

e. Mary, b 17May1732; d young

f. Simeon, b 22Oct1734; d 19Nov1734

g. Levi, b 24Oct1735; m Jemima Martin

h. Mary, b 19Apr1738; m Nathan Durkee

i. Asa, b 21Jul1741; m Lucy French

j. Rufus, b 20Jun1744; m Mary Walcott

k. Hannah, b 31Jul1748; d 3Sep1753

ii. Experience, b 7Sep1700; m 12Jan1720, Samuel Gifford, son of Samuel and Mary (Calkin) Gifford, b 23Sep1694, d 30Sep1753.  Children (surname Gifford):

a. Samuel, b 24Nov1720; m(1) Martha Gifford; m(2) Ann Lord

b. Anna, b 5Sep1722; d 3Jul1752; m Nathan Durkee

c. Hannah, b 20Sep1724; m John Abel, son of Caleb and Margaret (Post) Abell

d. Stephen, b 6Nov1726; m(1) Sarah Waterman; m(2) Sarah Avery

e. James, b 10Apr1729; m Susanna Hubbard

f. Lois, b 25Feb1731; m Theophilus Huntington

g. Experience, b 15May1733; m Isaac Johnson

h. Ziba, b 30Oct1735; m Edith Gifford

i. Caleb, b 10Mar1738; m 14Oct1761, Delight Spafford

j. Mary, b 15Mar1740; d 22Sep1753

k. Sarah, b 22Jun1744; m 10Dec1766, Theophilus Tracy

iii. Margaret, b 16Aug1702; d 6Feb1789, Franklin, CT; m John Tracy.  Children (surname Tracy):

a. John, b 11Feb1726; m(1) Margaret Huntington; m(2) Bethiah Johnson

b. Eleazer, b 16Mar1728

c. Josiah, b 17Apr1730; m Margaret Pettis

d. Elizabeth, b 1May 1732; m Zebulon Edgerton

e. Margaret, b 16May1734; m William Bentley

f. Hezekiah, b 1736; m(1) Elizabeth Pettis; m(2) Abigail Starr

g. Daniel, b 14Mar1738; m Mary Johnson

h. Rachel, b 27Sep1740; m 6Dec1768, Ezekiel Hyde

i. Theophilus, b 14Sep1742; m Sarah Gifford

j. Joshua, b 13Aug1745; m Naomi Bingham

iv. Eleazer, b 12Dec1704; d 11May1772, Norwich, CT; m 8Feb1733, Sarah Hewitt of Marshfield, MA, b 1708, d 1Jan1777, m(2) 22Sep1774, John Birchard.  Children:

a. Zylpha, b 8Nov1735; m James Rogers

b. Eliab, b 22Mar1738; d 21Apr1760; unm

c. Sarah, b 29Apr1740; d 30Jul1793; m 25May1777, Theodore Hyde, son of Richard Hyde

d. Issacher, b 7Jun1745; d 16Sep1746

e. Issacher, b 16Aug1747; d 16Oct1772; unm

v. James, b 28Feb1707; d 24Apr1763, Norwich, CT; m 26Dec1743, Sarah Marshall, dau of Abiel and Abiah (Hough) Marshall, b 12Apr1720, Norwich, CT, d 3Nov1773.  Children:

a. Ebenezer, b 1Jan1748; m(1) Chloe Ellsworth; m(2) Phebe Huntington; m(3) Elizabeth Peck

b. Abiah, b 27Dec1749; m Aaron Cleveland

c. James, b 17Jul1752; m Martha Nevins

d. Simeon, b 5Jan1755; d 1783; unm

e. Abial, b16Oct1757; m(1) Mary Hosmer; m(2) Mary Leffingwell

f. Eliab, b 17Sep1760; m Lydia Griswold

vi. Esther, b 16Feb1709; d 29Apr1799, Franklin, CT; m 5Feb1740, Thomas Williams, d 28Mar1746, Norwich, CT.  Children (surname Williams):

a. Esther, b 30May1740

b. Thomas, b 22Mar1742; m Jerusha Abel

c. Ruth, b 19Jan1744; d 16Dec1798, Franklin, CT; unm

vii. Matthew, b 28Apr1711; d 18Mar1792; m(1) 19Apr1733, Elizabeth Huntington, dau of Christopher and Judith (Brewster) Huntington, b 6May1712, d 20May1776, Franklin, CT; m(2) 26Aug1776, Hannah Pember, dau of John and Irene (Wood) Pember, 16Mar1750, d 11Mar1839, Paris, NY.  Children:

a. Matthew, b 27Apr1734; m Roxalana Stoughton

b. Eli, b 12Oct1736; m Rhoda Lathrop

c. Christopher, b 26Mar1739; d 2Jul1760; unm

d. James, b 6Apr1741; m Eunice Backus

e. Lovisa, b 11Oct 1743; d 4Jan1762; unm

f. Deborah, b 5Apr1746; d 27Jan1785; unm

g. Azariah, b 30Aug1748; m Rebecca Edgerton

h. Uri, b 27Sep1751; d 6Jul1761

i. Elizabeth, b 18Aug1755; d 2Oct1781; unm

j. Gustavus, 18Jun1777; m Mary Collar

k. Ira, b 26Mar1779; m Susannah Torrey

l. Levi, b 21Feb1781; m Mary Wentworth

m. Eleazer, b 5Mar1783; m Mary Brown

n. James, b 12Apr1785; d 24Jan1789

o. Issacher, b 23Jun1787; d 14Oct1795

viii. Lucy {#275}, b 16Apr1713.

ix. Deborah, b 22Jan1716; d 5Oct1803; d 5Oct1803; m 5Sep1748, Ebenezer Thomas, d 16Oct1794.  Children (surname Thomas):

a. Deborah, b 10Oct1749; m Frederick Tracy

b. Clarina, b 13Dec1751; d 21Aug1839; unm

c. Simeon, b 13Dec1753; m Lucretia Deshon

d. Thomas Langrell, b 1Aug1757; m(1) Eunice Birchard; m(2) Anne Blake


1088. 1100. SAMUEL HYDE[37], son of William Hyde, married June 1659 JANE LEE.  She was the daughter of Thomas and ___ (Brown) Lee of East Saybrook (now Lyme), Connecticut.

Samuel and his wife came to Norwich, Connecticut in 1660.  Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, born in August of that year was the first white child born in Norwich.  He was a farmer, and had lands assigned to him at Norwich West Farms, where he died in July 1677, at age 40.  John Birchard became the guardian of his children who were all minors at that time.  The date of his wife’s death is unknown.


i. Elizabeth, b Aug1660, Norwich, CT; d 22Jul1736, Lyme, CT; m 1682, Lt. Richard Lord, son of William Lord of Saybrook, CT, b May1647, d 20Aug1727.  Children (surname Lord):

a. Richard, b 1690; m Elizabeth Lynde

b. John, b 1703; m(1) Hannah Rogers; m(2) Sarah ___

c. Esther, b 18Dec1706; d 20May1745; m 14May1748, Thomas Edgecomb

d. Ruth, b 15Oct1711; m Joseph Bingham

ii. Phebe, b Jan1663, Norwich CT; d 29Nov1704, Lyme, CT; m 21May1683, Matthew Griswold, son of Matthew and Anna (Wolcott) Griswold.  They settled at Lyme, CT.  He m(2) Mary Lee, wdo of Thomas Lee and dau of Balthazar De Wolf.  Children (surname Griswold):

a. Phebe, b 15Aug1684; d 1702; unm

b. Elizabeth, b 19Nov1685; d 1704; unm

c. Sarah, b 19Mar1687; d 1704; unm

d. Matthew, b 15Sep1688; d 1712; unm

e. John, b 22Dec1690; m Hannah Lee

f. George, b 13Aug1692; m(1) Hannah Lynde; m(2) Elizabeth Lee

g. Mary, b 22Apr1694; m Edmund Dorr

h. Deborah, b 1696; m Robert Denison

i. Patience, b 1698; m John Denison

j. Samuel, b 1701; d 9Jun1727; unm

k. Thomas, b 1703; d Jul1719

iii. Samuel, b May1665, Norwich, CT; d 6Nov1742, Lebanon, CT; m 10Dec1690, Elizabeth Calkins, dau of John and Sarah Calkins.  She was b Apr1673.  Children:

a. Samuel, b 10Sep1691, Windham, CT; m Priscilla Bradford

b. Daniel, b 16Aug1694; m Abigail Wattles

c. Sarah, b 20Dec1696; m Ebenezer Brown

d. Caleb, b 9Apr1699; m Mary Blackman

e. Elizabeth, bp 12Dec1703, Lebanon, CT; m Rev. Timothy Collins

f. Elijah, b 1705, m(1) Ruth Tracy; m(2) Mercy Colman

g. Lydia, b abt 1717; m Jonathan Metcalf

h. David, bp 22Mar1719; m Althea Bradford

i. Ebenezer, m(1) Dorothy Throop; m(2) Elizabeth Graves

j. Anne , m(1) Simon Gray; m(2) Adonijah Fitch

iv. John {#550}, b Dec1667, Norwich, CT

v. William {#544}, b Jan1670, Norwich, CT

vi. Thomas, b Jul1672, Norwich, CT; d 9Apr1755; m Dec1697, Mary Backus, dau of Stephen and Sarah (Gardner) Backus.  She was b Nov1672; d 27Mar1752.  Children:

a. Mary, b 21Feb1698; m John Pember

b. Thomas, b 29Jul1699; m Elizabeth Huntington

c. Phebe, b 16Mar1702; m John French

d. Jacob, b 20Jan1703; m Hannah Kingsbury

e. Jane, b 4Dec1704; m John Birchard

f. Abner, b 12Sep1706; m(1) Jerusha Huntington; m(2) Mehitable Smith

vii. Sarah, b Feb1675; d 1675[38]

viii. Jabez, b May1677, Norwich, CT; d 5Sep1762; m 29Dec1709, Elizabeth Bushnell, dau of Richard and Elizabeth (Adgate) Bushnell, b 31Jan1686; d 21Aug1768.  Children:

a. Elizabeth, b 9Jul1711; m Simon Tracy

b. Jabez, b 16Sep1713; m Lydia Abel

c. Abigail, b 17Nov1715; m Jonathan Barstow

d. Phinehas, b 2Feb1720; m Anne Rogers

e. Joseph, b 23Aug1724; d 10Jul1754; unm


2207. HESTER HYDE[39], daughter of William Hyde, was born in England and died 13 November 1703 at Norwich, Connecticut.  She married on 31 March 1652, at Norwich, JOHN POST, eldest son of Stephen Post.  He was born in 1627 in England and died 27 November 1710, at Norwich, Connecticut.


2176. 2200. 4414. WILLIAM HYDE died 6 January 1681 at Norwich, Connecticut.  He married, second, the widow JOHANNA ABELL[40].  The name of William Hyde first appears at Hartford, Connecticut in 1636.  His name is on the monument in the old cemetery at that place as one of the original settlers, and he had lands assigned to him there.  He probably came to America in 1633 with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, the first minister of Hartford.  He probably stayed with him a short time at Newton, Massachusetts and then moved with him to Hartford in 1636.  When he moved to Saybrook is unknown, but he owned land in Hartford as late as 1639.  He was a man of considerable importance among the settlers of Norwich and was frequently selected as one of the selectmen.  His home lot was devised to his grandson William Hyde, the second.


i. Hester {#2207}, b prob ENG.

ii. Samuel {#1088, 1100}, b ca 1637, Hartford, MA.

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10 Responses to “Hyde Family of Vermont”

  1. Ed Wilson Says:

    I am attempting to make connection between Althea R. KILBOURNE b. 8 Oct 1838 New Haven, VT and your James KILBOURNE b. 19 Nov 1801 Morristown, VT. The 1880 Census states her parents were both also born is Vermont.

    Thank you,
    Ed Wilson

  2. simeon schoeman Says:

    Im looking for a connection between your Hyde family and mine. I did not see one but if you have any info or a leed that would be great. thank you…..simink@sbcglobal.ne…..Simeon Schoeman Oliver HYDE- was born on 14 Aug 1765 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut, USA. He married Catherine.

    Children of Oliver HYDE and Catherine are:

    82. i. Stephen HYDE, B: 26 Aug 1804 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: 24 Sep 1882 in Brock, Scotland, Missouri, USA, M: 04 Nov 1828 in Athens County, Ohio[1].

    ii. Oliver HYDE, M: 06 May 1821 in Athens County, Ohio.

    iii. William HYDE, B: 22 Jul 1791 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: 15 Sep 1846 in Millfield, Athens, Ohio, USA, M: 22 Mar 1818 in Athens County, Ohio.

    iv. Joseph HYDE, B: 1797 in Connecticut, USA, D: 12 Aug 1873 in Ohio.

    v. Katherine HYDE, B: 1802 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: 1885 in Sharon Township, Ohio, M: 17 Aug 1823.

    vi. Cyrus S. HYDE, B: 26 Nov 1799 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: 11 Mar 1883 in Sharon Township, Ohio.

    vii. Ephraim HYDE.

    viii. Maria HYDE, B: 1808 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: 01 Dec 1899 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA, M: 14 Mar 1830 in Athens County, Ohio.

    ix. George HYDE, B: 1809 in Ohio, D: 1856 in Lee County, Iowa, M: 08 May 1838 in Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, USA.

    x. Henry HYDE, B: 1814 in Ohio, D: 01 Jun 1862 in Monterey, Allegan, Michigan, USA, M: Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, USA.

    xi. Abigail HYDE, B: 1820 in New York City, Bronx, New York, USA, D: Aft. 1895.

    xii. Elizabeth HYDE, D: 1868, M: 05 Jun 1839 in Athens County, Ohio.

  3. Andrew Millard Says:

    I am descended from the Hyde line via the following path:

    From William through Samuel, William, Jedediah, Jedediah, Reuben C., Udney Hay Hyde, Russell, and finally Olive Blanche who married Micajah Johnson.

    I appreciate your extensive documentation of this lineage and its branches. A very distinguished line.


  4. David Hyde Says:

    Looking for relatives of Thomas Hyde 1779-1863 residing in Corinth, Maine who married Mary Polly Rideout. Thomas Hyde was born in Connecticut.

  5. V.E.G. Says:

    Balthazar De Wolf is a direct descendant of Alan Burton Hall!
    Balthazar DeWolf
    Susannah DeWolf
    Mary Champion
    David Norton
    Ozias Norton
    Jedidiah Herman Norton
    Stephen Ludington Norton
    Sarah Norton
    Augusta Hilda Tyrrell
    Evelyn A. Snow
    Hulda Frances DeBisschop
    Alan Burton Hall

  6. V.E.G. Says:

    DeWolf is the direct descendant of Herbert Benton Connor!

  7. chris alger Says:

    I have been looking at Hyde family material as the daughter of the last owner of Hyde Manor recently died and has requested being buried there. Just found your work and it is so interesting. My uncle worked at the manor years ago.

    • mazwheeler Says:

      The expert on Hyde Hotel history is Steve Sgorbati. He was the town clerk of Sudbury and maybe still is, I haven’t been in contact with him for some time. You may to want to talk to him if you are very interested in the old hotel. I’m sure it was quite a grand place in its day. Some of my husband’s relatives worked at the hotel too.

  8. Helen Delman Says:

    Thank you for all the info on the family. Alida Hyde married my Great grandfather. We spent a week every summer at Hyde Manor. It was a grand place but failing into disrepair. My Father always brought his tool box and supplies to fix the dripping plumbing. The third floor was no longer in use the last few summers we were there because it was unsafe. I loved the swan fountain, the rock garden, the entertainment hall. My brother taught me to bowl sort of ( I set up the pins) and to play pool. I looked forward to meals in the dining room ( everyone dressed for dinner) and one summer I was allowed to go horseback riding with my brother. I was too young to ride alone so Sally or Susan would hold me in front of her. I remember her arms covered in freckles. No tvs, no phones in the rooms, no elevator, no air conditioning etc. Just lots of fresh air.

  9. V.E.G. Says:

    Wow! Tyler Johnson, the former drug addict, died very unexpectedly in Maryland was related to the Balthazar DeWolf ancestry!

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